Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Meal Plan and Grocery List for Jan 9 through Jan 16

I'm trying something new this week. There is a local organic grocery delivery service that I'm using. It's well below 0 here and towing two babies to the grocery store in this kind of weather is just not what I'm in to... Also, it looks like it's going to cost less in the end!! 

My Meal Plan:


leftovers and usually similar to what we eat for breakfasts. Whatever we feel like :) 

Tacos with ground turkey and avocado
Meatloaf with salad
Chicken Noodle Soup
Egg salad sandwiches on homemade bread with homemade mayo (Jack's request!)
Turkey blt sandwiches on homemade bread

Snacks/baked goods/desserts/stuff:
pasta sauce
sandwich bread
cinnamon swirl bread for french toast
banana bread
zucchini bread
I keep meaning to make no bake cookies, so I'm going to put them on the list again... Who knows if I will have time or want to make them this week with all of this produce! 

My Grocery List & Cost Break Down 
The produce box was $55.99 with a $22.40 discount from a promo code!! 

(2) Avocado
(8) Bananas
(3) Pink Lady Apples
(3) Gala Apples, small
(1) Celeriac (Celery Root)
(3) Kiwi Fruit
(1) Lime
(4) Navel Orange
(3) Mango
(1) Red Bell Pepper
(1) Celeriac (Celery Root)
(1) bunch Green Kale
(1) 1 lb Baby Carrots
(6) Roma Tomatoes
(1) 3 pack Romaine Hearts
(2) Zucchini Squash
(2) 1 LB White Potatoes (Local)
(2) Yellow Onion (Local) 
(1) 12 oz Smoking Goose - Applewood Smoked Bacon - $7.29
(1) dozen Creswick Farms Pastured Large Brown Eggs - $4.29
(1) 16 oz Bionaturae Organic Spaghetti - $2.99
(1) 13 oz Newman's Own Vanilla Wheat & Dairy Free Newman O's - $4.49
(1) lb This Old Farm - Ground Beef - $5.99
(1) 6 oz Organic Prairie - Roasted Turkey Breast Slices - $6.99
(1) 12oz Organic Prairie - Ground Turkey - $6.99
(1) 1 lb Gunthorp Farms - Ground Pork - $5.99
(1) 6 oz Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. - Original - $2.99
(1) 32 oz SO Delicious Original Coconut Milk - $2.99


  1. Yum. We've been trying different meal planning strategies this year too. one week CSA, one week we used a delivery, one week emeals. A combination seems to be working out best, just planning one night a week. For me when I chose one strategy exclusively I ended up having too much food. Thanks so much for putting out meal ideas for me to copy too!